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"Moyer and other defense witnesses testified to the aggressive behavior exhibited by T.L. on more than one occasion; however, the foundational background information detailed above was not allowed into evidence. None of the background regarding T.L. above was introduced at trial. According to Moyer’s attorney, Acer Chiang, the Judge determined there was no foundation to admit T.L.’s history of drug and alcohol use/abuse, including the overdose that led to her demise; the Judge also ruled T.L.’s arrest in July 2016 occurred too long after the incident in question to be relevant, even though all of it was pertinent to Moyer’s claim of self-defense." (Attempted Murder Trial - Not Guilty Verdict.)




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The Sixth Amendment of the United States, made applicable to the states through the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, provides that in all criminal prosecutions the accused has the right to the assistance of counsel for his or her defense. The right to counsel is also protected by California Constitution Article I, Section 14, which deals with securing counsel at arraignment, Article I, Section 15, which states in part that a criminal defendant has the right to have the assistance of counsel and to be personally present with counsel, and Article I, Section 16, which provides for waiver of a jury in a criminal case by consent of both parties expressed in open court by the defendant and the defendant’s counsel.

     Acer Chiang has been fighting in the trenches of the Criminal Justice System since 2008. He worked as a full-time law clerk for the District Attorney's Office while in law school, and became a paralegal for the Public Defender's Office for over five years upon graduation. He is a graduate of Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. His passion is to help people. He will go above and beyond his duty as an attorney to help you and get you the best results for your case. His reviews and client testimonies speak for themselves. 


     Arlene Binder is a former DA and a 26-year veteran of the Criminal Justice System. Arlene has represented clients in all stages of the Criminal Proceedings. She is a well known and highly respected trial lawyer, who has handled serious felonies and media cases throughout the Los Angeles and San Bernardino area. 

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   When arrested, you are likely scared or angry for being mistreated and confused about what is going to happen next. While you can’t change what already has happened, your next step can greatly impact your future, which is why we recommend that you call right away. We understand the range of emotion you are going through and we can help answer many of the questions running through your mind — in a private call with an experienced criminal law attorney. 

   Your freedom is our priority and we will do everything in our power to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome in your case. Without representation, the prosecuting attorney may try to scare you into accepting a plea deal that is not in your best interest. We won’t let that happen and we will make sure that we exploit every possible weakness in the prosecutor’s case to obtain a favorable outcome with your case.