My husband and I are so glad we found Acer Chiang! He is very understanding and gives us all the information up front and that’s very important for both my husband and I. If you need a lawyer, Acer is definitely your go to guy!
— J.L. from Hacienda Heights, CA
Mr Acer Chiang is extremely knowledgeable and professional attorney. He made me felt confident and really helpful to resolve my legal questions. I highly recommend him!
— Emily L. from Pasadena, CA
Acer has been very helpful with all of my questions and also is very quick to respond. I highly recommend him if you’re ever in need, all your questions will be answered within a matter of minutes.
— Hank S. from Rosemead, CA
Mr. Chiang is great at what he does. I feel that he is not only very knowledgeable in the field of law, he is also very compassionate and righteous about his practice... which not every lawyer would have this great quality. He is my go-to guy when it comes to any law related inquires, and he has helped me in numerous occasions to avoid or resolve some very difficult situations. Highly recommended!
— Michael C. from Arcadia, CA
Mr. Chiang is a talented attorney who knows his stuff. I could not be happier with his advice and knowledge. He truly helped me beyond words.
— Silva M. from North Hollywood, CA
Acer got his opinion out straight and blunt, and he is bilingual in chinese. He would guide u 123 step by step in direction and 456 in result :)
— Michael C. from Diamond Bar, CA

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I have known Acer for over a decade. I can personally attest to his professionalism, high moral standard, and intellectual ability. I have turned to him for advice many times, and he has never disappointed me with his problem-solving abilities, communication skills, empathy, and overall knowledge. Acer is a lawyer that you can rely on to get the job done. I give him my highest recommendation.
Mr Chiang was an exceptional attorney I hired that was strongly recommended thru one of my friends. I heard great things about him but was a little unsure because I have had many bad experiences before with lawyers. I am a believer now it’s true what people say not all people are alike same thing goes for attorneys. After having Mr Chiang work on my DUI case he definitely re affirmed my trust with hiring private attorneys. He set my expectations at a real and reasonable level without lying to me or making it seem like I would get my case dismissed with a magic wand or because he “knew people” etc... I looked up the state bar web site and guarantees on any case is a lie and illegal Mr.Chiang made me aware of this which to me personally speaks volumes of this mans ethics and professionalism. Well long story short my case wasn’t dropped but Mr.Chiang reduced my case to a Wet Wreckless avoided probation and got my license back even after the 10 days had past to schedule my dmv hearing guy knows his stuff and is very knowledgeable most people don’t know that after the 10 days an attorney can actually salvage your license after a mandatory 30 day suspension. Not only that but he also made arraingments with the District Attorney to suspend my sentence and preserve my untarnished record upon completion of my alcohol program and 7 days of community service.. After everything is said and done I got off really easy considering I had a blood alcohol level of 0.18 and I had got into an accident with a barrier on the freeway.. Thanks Mr.Chiang you are a miracle worker I will recommend my friends and family to your law firm God willing we won’t require your services but if we do I have you on speed dial...

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